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Study in Portugal: Everything You needs to know about education and Living in Portugal

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Study in Portugal: Everything You needs to know about education and Living in Portugal

Sujeet November 24, 2017

Portugal is famous for its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. If you are planning to move here, then you need to find the best school for your children. Education in Portugal is independent until the age of 18. The education system includes both public and private schools. In the last decades, this European country has made huge efforts in the field of academic achievement of the population.

There are so many beautiful and interesting features in Portugal that international students love this country after coming here for their study experience. For one thing, you can enjoy wonderful weather, beautiful beaches and landscapes, beautiful cuisine and fine wines. Today, Portugal’s country is a member of the European Union and is a coming member who is ready to prove his abilities more than just tourism. Higher education is just going to be one of them.

Secondly, Portugal is one of the cheapest countries in Europe, with the cost of living, and Portuguese universities offer several quality study programs charging affordable tuition fees.  Education plays an important role in Portuguese history.

Usually, public universities are inexpensive, but some private university students give up to 100% lecture fee according to the assessment points of the students. One thing you should remember is that if you take part in a public university, then on annual fees and most private universities, you will have to pay a part of the total tuition monthly.

In addition, public universities have decided on their level of tuition fees, which in some cases is higher than the minimum recommendation. Each student has to pay the registration fee of 25 to 35 euros.

In Europe, Portugal is acknowledged to be one of the inexpensive countries. Of course, in different areas, the cost of living is different but the average is between 650 and 850 EUR per month. These amounts are meant to cover all your expenses: housing, food, public transport and other costs

The cost of living in Lisbon is the most, while in small towns like Coimbatore and Porto; you can easily survive with a small budget of 500 – 600 EUR/month. The cost of housing in Portugal is very high according to the international average, so if you can take place in the hall or you can choose, you will not spend a large amount on the accommodation.

Living in Portugal is different from living in other European countries. Almost all universities in Portugal provide accommodation for other European universities, but the University of Portugal adheres to a different system. Students are given the facility of housing which is spread over city or city as opposed to regular rules of campus accommodation

Program format for study in Portugal is different, but it is quite easy to understand and follow. It has been explained in this way, which provides complete health care for the entire population, through which the state guarantees the right to health. SNS is made up of all public institutions that provide health care – groups of hospitals, local health units, health centers and family health units or health centers.

Portugal provides equality of grants and government-funded scholarships for both EU and non-EU students. In order to be eligible for a grant, you must apply to a university recognized by the Portuguese Ministry.

Many scholarships are offered for scholarship, which is mainly sent to master students but for some other degree, some financial assistance can also be obtained. Foundation and research institutes also provide practical experience and internships to students.

The government and some chambers or associations are also providing various types of aids – either for the whole study or with an option to upgrade only with the pre-specified subject of an annual research, for scientists as well as women in science Special financial assistance are available for (especially the domain).

It is quite easy to get visas for students, but there is a need to prepare them duly because they have been rejected in a very systematic manner in which the whole system works. Much documentation is required before arranging a visa interview and the preparation should be completed. Even after the interview, it takes 4-12 weeks for a ticket to pass a visa. It is always better to apply at least 6 months before Portugal to arrive at the right time.

There are many new upcoming Portugal universities. In Portugal lifestyle is relaxed and stress-free, but naturally surrenders among students studying in Portugal, which helps them for a long time. Studies in English are available for international students in Portugal, which really make a wonderful choice. The cost of Study in Portugal is similar to the study of the quality of higher education in India.


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