Daily archives: December 2nd, 2017

EU passport

The unforgettable Croatia: Touring Game of Thrones sites with EU passport

It’s a surprise how Croatia turned up late as one of the most aspiring tourist country. The marvellous places and totally dreamy landscapes just had what it takes to film HBO’s most nostalgic Game of Thrones. The walled towns and fortresses of the Dalmatian Coast provided a perfect backdrop for flights of fancy. So whether…

Right Product to clean leather sofas

Importance of Choosing Right Product to clean leather sofas

Having been durable and elegant, leather goods have become the part of our daily lives. From clothing items and accessories like jackets, belts, shoes and bags to furniture items like couches and chairs; we have been using them regularly. Being bit expensive good quality leather products are worthy to possess and this is why we…

Major Mistakes that the Car Mechanics Make

3 Major Mistakes that the Car Mechanics Make

It’s really easy to avoid all the possible mistakes that a car mechanic makes until and unless he is not in rush. That’s an indirect tip for the car owner that please don’t ask your mechanic to fix your car as quickly as a flicker. Just keep in mind that if you are in a…