3 Major Mistakes that the Car Mechanics Make

It’s really easy to avoid all the possible mistakes that a car mechanic makes until and unless he is not in rush. That’s an indirect tip for the car owner that please don’t ask your mechanic to fix your car as quickly as a flicker. Just keep in mind that if you are in a rush, this thing might backfire upon your. Car mechanics are human beings too so don’t expect them to act like a robot for you. There are actually a few mistakes that a car mechanic can make. Here are a few common ones.

Confirming Repair Specifics

Whether you head to the Nissan Service Dubai or not, it’s your responsibility to let the mechanic know of all the specifics you need to get fixed. Although the mechanic will surely let you know of other issues with your car while inspecting, but it would be your call primarily to point out all the major and minor fixtures. Because sometimes, the mechanics are so much hassled or messed with the cluster of auto parts, grease and broken vehicles all around, they forget to confirm all the specifics regarding your repair.

Repairing Without Your Consent

Many car owners get really angry when they stumble upon this kind of situation. Especially the ones who take their cars to the garage at the peak hours when they go to the office and come to pick the car in the evening when they return home. At that time, they get shocked with the bill that’s usually quick much heavier than they expected. And why it all happened? The mechanic did some additional repairs without their consent. He surely did the major repair but while doing that, he found some other problems as well that he thought should be fixed as soon as possible.

He was doing all well from his side but he should have asked you first. That’s that he didn’t do. And it all turned into a heavy bill. Therefore, just make sure that you mention this point while taking your car to the Nissan car service Dubai that they must inform you before doing any additional repair.

Notifying for Delays

Even though, that’s the mistake of your mechanic but you need to be a little generous at this point. You know what, many mechanics forget to inform for the delays since they are so much into their repair job. But if you want to avoid this kind of problem with your car repair, just call up at least 1-2 hours before you visit the garage back to pick your car. Ask them for the update, they will let you know of how much more time it would take to repair your car.

In a long run, it’s beneficial for you actually. How? It’s better than sitting in the air conditioned and relaxing office environment than waiting & sweating at the garage. Great idea, isn’t it.


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