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6 Reasons Why Enough Sleep Promotes Good Health

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6 Reasons Why Enough Sleep Promotes Good Health

sam bawa December 5, 2017

Walking around different places, meeting people, doing the same set of daily chores and sometimes deadlines. The day goes by with the activity that seems never to stop. No, I don’t intend to make you remind of your tiresome routine that becomes miserable sometimes, instead I want you to understand the importance of giving rest to your body. And what better than sleep? So here are a few reasons why you must Sleep.

1. Anything else better to refresh yourself?

And the question simply reduces to this. Is anything refreshing enough than a good 7 hour sleep? Now although you may feel that reducing workload by doing easy tasks when compared to the difficult one’s that you were doing until now may give you a little rest, but remember that complete rest is a must. There’s no activity or substitute for it. Sleep is a naturally and effectively working activity that refreshes us.

2. No, it’s no waste of time.

Yes, now I think this is something you must remember. That sleep isn’t a wasting away of time kind of thing. It’s not even something to be compromised upon. It is as important as the air we breathe and the water we drink. A sleep of 6 or 7 hours is no harm. And although your career is what you are thinking about, but remember that Sleep is important. It is.

3. Your eyes have to rest.

All day, starting from the little chores you do, to getting prepared for work, to staring at the computer screen all day and driving back home. Your eyes have no rest at all. Researches prove that human eyes on an average move about 10 million times. Woah. I know, and maybe you understand now. This is one reason why people take naps for an hour or so. The little senses do have to calm down. Don’t they?

4. The thoughts have to settle for the best.

When you are emotionally broken or mentally shocked, the sadness remains throughout the day and certain devastating pains keeps you worried for months at length. And sometimes, everything you see becomes the bearer of the pain that persists. Every moment seems heavy with regret over decisions that can’t be changed.
And the nights. We live throughout them as in hell. So in such sad times, only sleep puts and end to thoughts. I relieves you of everything that’s been worrying you.

5. Resting does no harm.

In the fast moving world, 24 hours seem half sufficient. The careers, children, their health, their education, emotional issues, extra curriculums and numerous responsibilities seem to much to be carried all the time. Hobbies and interests do de-stress, but still you have to concentrate and use energy right? So, don’t you agree?

6. The Positivity Decoder

How many times we behave rudely or are a little grumbling when we don’t get enough sleep? Many times right. It is true and there’s no hiding away from that. And also these little unintentional mistakes, ruin relations, peace of mind and most importantly makes you furious over silly things. And this is exactly how negativity builds up. The formula is simple now, Enough Sleep = Happy life.

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So now, wait, I hereby mention Enough Sleep instead of just Sleep because the latter is bad. As bad as no sleep. And also there’s no universal rule of sleeping time, although 8 hours is ideal. If it is 6 or 7 for you, then it is still fine, unless you are stable and peaceful. So here you go. Have a nice day.

sam bawa

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