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Importance of Choosing Right Product to clean leather sofas

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Importance of Choosing Right Product to clean leather sofas

ispoz December 2, 2017

Having been durable and elegant, leather goods have become the part of our daily lives. From clothing items and accessories like jackets, belts, shoes and bags to furniture items like couches and chairs; we have been using them regularly. Being bit expensive good quality leather products are worthy to possess and this is why we always want to take care of them. With proper care and maintenance, you can keep them new even for a lifetime.

Despite being made up of the same material you can’t use same methods and cleaners to treat them. It’s equally important to have authentic information to choose the right cleaner along with clear understanding to choose how to clean leather sofas.

Leather furniture can be a great addition to your home and office. Like other upholstery furniture, it also gets dirty and stained. From dirt and grime to oil, ink, paint and water, its surface can get stained easily. Even a splash of water and extended exposure to sunlight can affect its appearance. Good news is that there is a wide range of home-made and commercial cleaners and conditioners are available, which help you to keep them looking new.

Why is it necessary to pick the most suitable cleaner?

Though a wide range of products is available, you can’t make a random selection. You must be very sure about the stain you are going to clean with the product.  Due to the differences between the nature and level of adhesiveness, they can’t be cleaned with the same cleaner. Same product will not work on grease, water, ink, dust and paint stains. A wide range of household items can damage the leather sofas. Soaking and washing in water is not a good idea, as it can cause an irreversible damage to the material.

What kind of cleaning products are available?

A wide variety of cleaning products are available to clean this supple upholstered piece of furniture. When it comes to picking the product, don’t compromise on the quality and functionality. Using a low-quality product will fade and scratch the surface. Unique nature of this material requires additional care. Wiping with a solution is not enough; rather you will also need some good quality conditioner and preservative to retain the shine and texture like a new.

How to identify a good quality cleaner?

Cleaners are specially formulated to deep clean the leather upholstery. A good quality product can be either PH balanced or alkaline. However, it has to be free from acids to avoid causing material damage. In addition to cleaning dirt particles, it is also capable of wiping harmful grease and oils. It opens up the pores and brings the dirt and grime to the surface, which makes wiping extremely easy.

What’s the benefit of using conditioners?

Use of conditioner is essential to maintain the shine and luster of this elegant material. It conditions the surface and revitalizes the material and protects it from drying and cracks. In addition, to moisten the material, it also preserves and prolongs the life of the material. Conditioning is more than cleaning and maintenance. It efficiently delays age-related cracking. It seeps into the pores and overcomes the loss of natural oil due to tanning.

Conclusion: If you know how to clean leather sofas and often clean it on your own you can’t deny the importance of choosing good quality products.


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