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How Occupational health Practitioners are helping employers?

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How Occupational health Practitioners are helping employers?

sam bawa December 15, 2017

Good health of employees is essential for organizations, employers and coworkers. Maintaining good hygiene and safe environment at work place is primary responsibility of employer. Business owners execute these requirements with the help of health policies. They also hire in-house resources and outsource this function to qualified professionals and state authorized agencies.

Professional health practitioners are the doctors with special training to provide heath at workplace. Depending on their needs, companies can either hire an in-house practitioner or delegate this task to organizations offering occupational care for other companies. Major benefit of hiring

What occupational health professional do?

They are different from regular medical practitioners. They have expertise to handle work related illnesses and help employers and employees to deal with the emergency situations. Their aim is to deliver the best medical care and justice for the employees and employers. An occupational medical professional will help enterprises to:

  • Offer guidance about work related illnesses and accidents
  • Provide medical facilities to new as well as existing employees
  • Keep an eye on the overall employee health

As they are trained to identify how to handle employee health issues to deliver the best assistance fulfilling legal compliance and risk management. Their primary focus is to implement proactive measures to improve staff wellbeing and manage absence.

Few of the proactive measures they take include the following:

  • Workplace design and ergonomic issues
  • Increasing awareness with training and educational activities
  • Healthy diet and nutrition advices
  • Helping employees to deal work-related stress efficiently.

Why employee health is important and how it should be improved? 

Health of employees is important for the success of every business. Company owners can’t expect profits with sick task force. This makes employee health a critical source of risk for business owners. To manage health and fitness issues of employees, employers often seek advices from occupational medical care professionals.

In addition to offering emergency care at workplace, healthcare professionals also give useful advices regarding wellbeing of employees.

They can assess about particular employee; if he is fit to return to work after a long sick leave or not. They also help employer to make reasonable adjustments for disabled employees and facilitate workers to performing their job efficiently. Besides this, in termination cases, medical professionals guide employees to take decision on accurate grounds.

How occupational health is provided?

Delivery of occupational fitness depends on the size of organization. Depending on the size of organization and requirements, company owners may choose to hire nurse and a part-time doctor or even specialists like hygienists, psychologists, physiotherapists, ergonomic experts and occupational therapists. Selection is purely based on requirements. Often these therapist and healthcare professional work onsite; however, in case of lack of space, medical care professionals also runs clinics in offsite locations. Where, staff members can meet with doctors after booking appointments.

Medical professionals create clear and concise reports about the health and fitness of entire workforce in an organization. This will help business owners to take several important decisions regarding job roles and work place adjustments to help not only their task force but to also minimize the risk exposure.

Conclusion: Occupational health practitioners have become an important component of every organization to ensure health and wellbeing of their task force.

sam bawa

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