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The unforgettable Croatia: Touring Game of Thrones sites with EU passport

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The unforgettable Croatia: Touring Game of Thrones sites with EU passport

ispoz December 2, 2017

It’s a surprise how Croatia turned up late as one of the most aspiring tourist country. The marvellous places and totally dreamy landscapes just had what it takes to film HBO’s most nostalgic Game of Thrones. The walled towns and fortresses of the Dalmatian Coast provided a perfect backdrop for flights of fancy.

So whether your passion’s the actual historic events or simply exploring the dragon-augmented land from the series, an EU passport is your key to the kingdom or in simple terms; tour Game of Thrones sites.

Dubrovnik – The streets of King’s landing

Not just for the fans but a must-see for all; the marbled streets and honey-shaded ramparts of Dubrovnik extends marvellously over the azure waters was a perfect choice for the King’s landing. Before even setting your foot in the historic Old Town, you’ll stand amidst enthusiastic carts selling Throne-themed tours and many are truly entertaining.

Start around the mighty city walls that serve a site of fictional city during the Battle of the Blackwater. Look out for the Minčeta Tower where exterior shots of Qarth’s House of the Undying were taken; the one where dragons were retrieved at the epic finale of season two.

The Iron Throne on Lokrum Island

The Island of Lokrum is a 10-minute ferry away from Old Harbour of Dubrovnik. This is the spot where fictional character Daenerys Targaryen was introduced to Qarth in filming set. The Benedictine monastery here now houses amazing displays and exhibitions from Game of Thrones along with a replica of Iron Throne that’s just perfect for a selfie souvenir.

The Trsteno Gardens

Your EU passport is to actually tour the nature-filled cliff top gardens where Tyrells chat and plot during season three and four. Don’t worry about the Red Keep as they’re in Dubrovnik which is more or less 14 kilometres to the northwest town in the village of Trsteno! The brilliantly Trsteno Arboretum was laid out during the Renaissance that boast statues, ponds, pathways and sea-facing huts that Tyrells just adore.

The Klis Fortress

Remember that moment when Daenerys magically appears at Klis Fortress outside Meereen when crucifying slave traders, this site is just 12 kilometres northeast of Split. The crested castle spread along the limestone bluff. Some extras and stuntmen were hired to wriggle and die in the series would’ve certainly spotted their houses from the pinnacle. While there isn’t actually a giant pyramid anywhere near, the entire setting is pretty impressive and you’ll actually find yourself living the series without all the CGI stuff.

Kaštela & Trogir

The beautiful town of Kaštela stretches all the way from coast to the Split boasting a series of private castles constructed by the wealthy as a means of protection against the Ottoman invasion. Kaštel Gomilica is one in line and doubles the waterfront of the Braavos in season five. Don’t expect finding colossal statue overlapping the waters.

Right across Kaštela is the amazing town of Trogir that in real can be explored with an EU passport and occupying the tiny barricaded island connected to the landmass through a series of short bridges. A few scenes of Qarth were shot around St. Dominic’s Monastery but you’ll definitely enjoy wandering the shiny back tracks a night.

Šibenik & the 71 craniums

When Arya Stark thrusts her oyster car around the bend, she’s all of a sudden in Šibenik; 58 kilometre up the coast. While the northern Dalmatian city is worth exploring with all its real-time historic values and culture, St. James Cathedral is simply extraordinary and didn’t need any makeover or CGI to become the grand headquarters of the Iron Bank.  It’s among the masterpieces of the Renaissance engineering built all the way back in the 15th and 16th century.


Now that Game of Thrones season 7 is here; this is just the perfect time you fly to Croatia with a valid EU passport citizenship and live the unforgettable moments.


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