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3 Simple Gifting Options for Your Loved Ones

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3 Simple Gifting Options for Your Loved Ones

sam bawa January 8, 2018

Anniversaries, birthdays or any other occasions requires gifting along with a lot of celebrations and parties. If you are away from home in a foreign country, you miss out on such moments, but you can still manage to be a part of these by sending simple yet thoughtful presents to you loved ones. With e-commerce is on a full time high, there are tons of websites that offer gifting options while you are sitting away from home. For instance, you can do an online cake delivery in Udaipur or Assam while sitting all the way in Canada!

Here are a few gifting options for your loved ones which you can easily order online from e-commerce gifting websites – 

Send them a personalized Cake

You can send them a customized cake of their favorite flavor and designs. Thanks to the internet and online e-commerce websites, you can easily order cakes, flowers and gifting accessories with minimal shipping charges and free delivery on orders above a certain amount. You can order for an online cake delivery in Udaipur sitting all the way in a foreign country with the help of online gifting websites. You can also send customized gift hampers with cake, chocolates, balloons, eatables etc. with the help of these online gifting websites.

Beauty and fragrances

One of the easily available items on online gifting sites are perfumes, fragrances as well as gift hampers of different types of body lotions. You can send them a set of after shave items in a hamper for a man or a hamper of body lotions, body mists, creams etc. for female. The prices of perfumes might be a few extra bucks expensive however, you get to customize the entire gift with a personalized card, a box of chocolates, balloons etc. which you won’t be able to do in case you ordered from any shopping sites. You can also pick the color of the gift wrapping paper and have a personalized greeting hand written on your behalf.

Gift voucher coupons

Another most preferred mode of gifting is online shopping coupons from brands that your loved one likes and email the coupon or coupon code to them directly. You can also purchase a gift voucher coupon for offline shopping in case they aren’t big on online shopping. Gift voucher coupons are also commonly used for spas and salons, so you can gift them a couple’s gift voucher coupon for a spa day or a salon day with haircut, manicure, massage etc. for a complete spa therapy day.

So, what are you waiting for? Log on to the online world of gifting and book presents and personalized gift vouchers for your loved ones today. With secure online shopping and payment options, you need not worry about the payment hassles. Delivery charges are also generally lower for online gifting websites which means you get the best quality products at the best prices and shipping rates! Bring a smile to your loved one’s face today and send them a bouquet of flowers just like that!

sam bawa

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