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Cakes that children absolutely love for their Birthdays

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Cakes that children absolutely love for their Birthdays

ispoz January 25, 2018

Kids are the life of the family and everything associated with them naturally becomes special. Nothing is happier than to see that your small ones are growing and their birthday becomes a day to celebrate. Therefore when it comes to celebrating the birthday of the most special one in the family the things associated with it have to be special. All the decorations, cakes, gifts should be unique and something they will like.

Somehow it has become a tradition to celebrate the birthday by cutting the cake. The cake is a must-have for a birthday party and the party generally starts by cutting the cake. Kids are innocent and have a very fluctuate mind. Sometimes it becomes very hard to understand that what they actually like. Therefore here is a listing of some cakes which are absolutely loved by the kids and are also very trendy.

Black Forest:

Black forest is one of the most common and trendy cake nowadays. This cake has layers of cream and chocolate and also has waffles in it. There is a cherry on top of it which makes it different from any other cake. Kids generally love the taste and flavor of chocolate so much. Therefore, this would be a very good choice for your kid’s birthday.

Dora Cake:

Kids love cartoons and they live in that fairy tale they have seen in the movies or serials. Dora Cake is something that is loved by a very famous cartoon character named Doraemon. This cake is actually a fluffy pancake sandwiched with red bean paste. This is also can be replaced by cream and chocolate. This taste is loved by a majority of children and that is why a great option for your kids birthday party.

Ice cream cake:

The fusion of cake and ice cream is really on trend now. Kids love both ice cream and cake. Ice cream cupcakes or cakes can be made easily at home and can be styled in many ways. They can be served in a cone-shaped waffle and also in small cups. It is a quick and easy dessert fix for everyone.

Strawberry Cake:

People with different tastes will love different flavors. Strawberry lovers will love this cake. It has an internal base of strawberry and also filled with this flavor. Externally it is covered with cream and there is a strawberry on the top of it. Kids who love strawberry will have heavenly experience by tasting it.

Superhero Cakes:

There is no doubt that kids love to watch superhero movies and now it is possible to customize the cake as you wish. Cakes can be shaped according to a superhero or a cartoon character and flavors will be as you like it to be. Kids will love to see their favorite movie character in the cake and the flavors will also be liked by them as it will be customized.

These cakes are great for your kid’s birthday party or any other party. The flavors mentioned here are generally loved by all and are very trendy.


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