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How to find a perfect decorative case for your fancy new smartphone

ispoz January 17, 2018

Let’s face it – smartphones of the latest generation are quite expensive and it is wise to enclose them in a plastic case if you intend to carry the device around. Fortunately, plastic cases are available in a wide variety of designs and finishes, but finding one that ideally fits on your phone and looks just like you want it can be a challenging task. Nobody buys a sleek new phone just to hide it behind a rough-looking case, so the aesthetic aspect is equally important (if not more) as mechanical protection.

Mobile phone brands release a large number of models each year, with dimensions varying from one model to the next. Clearly, most users need new cases every time when they change phones and won’t settle for anything less than a good-fitting size and nice design. Since it usually takes a while for case manufacturers to react, initially the offer can include just basic colors, with limited options for customization. In other words, customers are forced to choose between picking a decorative case they don’t like and exposing their expensive device to risk of damage.

Only the best mobile phone case manufacturers have the ability to address this issue, and MT3 is one of them. By launching specialized cases simultaneously with new phone models, this company can serve the customers who like to buy their phones as soon as they become available. As you might guess, quite a lot of people want new cases for their brand new iPhones or Android phones, and mt3 can satisfy them all within days because of its unique, automated ordering and customization system. The best part is that deliveries are global, so customers all around the world can take advantage of this convenient possibility.

Thanks to an online customizer tool, it is possible to include any image or brand in the design. In effect, users can have the freedom to decorate their phones with a wide variety of colors and images, making them unique and recognizable. Most importantly, there will be no delay even for models that have just been released. Mt3 can print on demand phone cases very quickly and have them shipped directly to stores in any location, greatly shortening the waiting time. If the retailers place an order in advance, it is even possible to have the cases ready on the day of the launch!



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