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Get a Sense When a Storm is Approaching


Get a Sense When a Storm is Approaching

ispoz January 26, 2018

When severe weather strikes, preparation is key. Your business or operation needs adequate advance warning in order to take steps to reduce safety hazards, protect vulnerable assets, and implement strategic plans to minimize losses. Advanced weather monitoring networks use state of the art technology to let you know when the storm is coming. With the power of weather data on your side, your company has the advantage of forewarning the next time a storm rolls in.

Severe Weather Tracking for the Modern Day

As industries adopt new technologies, weather monitoring services must adapt to provide features suited to the changing world. Drone technology, for example, is being utilized for more applications now than ever before, so there’s a need for data on weather conditions at various low-level altitudes to ensure that drones can fly safely. Networks of special weather sensors allow drone operators to pinpoint conditions and plan missions accordingly. A drone with sensors to help guide it is much less vulnerable than one that might fly into powerful winds without warning.

Severe weather tracking can be applied to drone technology as well. With precision forecasting of storms, drone missions can be safely rerouted or grounded until the risk has passed.

Data Conveniently Communicated

Once weather data is collected, it must be displayed in a way that’s easily understandable at a glance. Here are a few examples of how a weather monitoring service can convey the most important severe weather information to you:

  • A hurricane tracking map that lets you know which direction the storm is moving and when it’s expected to strike
  • Severe weather alerts that can be customized to notify you of severe weather conditions at certain times and locations

To find more information about how your company can benefit from the power of severe weather monitoring technology, visit the Earth Networks website. Alternatively, give them a call at 301-250-4000.


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