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Moving Day and Rubbish Removal with Clearabee

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Moving Day and Rubbish Removal with Clearabee

ispoz September 20, 2018

Sorting Out for Moving

Once you have a moving date you are going to have to pack your home, shed, garage or room contents. You always find there are lots of things you want to throw away. Some things you may want to recycle and some things are for the rubbish. Clearabee rubbish removal will recycle goods as well as disposing of waste.Your waste can be collected as and when you order this. For ease of packing, Clearabee rubbish removal supplies ‘Beebags’, and they have skip bags, sacks and bags for helping you pack the rubbish. There is an offer of 1 free bag and collection when you order 5. Clearabee also provide services for tradespeople, small businesses or a larger companies wanting waste removal and you will find these services are tailored to your needs. Clearabee will collect small amounts of waste as and when required as well as for removals.

Be Sure Where Your Waste Goes

Clearabee rubbish removal is the UK’s largest man and van waste removal firm that works in house to provide a completely secure and legal waste removal. They recycle over 90% of the waste they move. You need to be sure your waste will not end up as illegal tipping and with Clearabee rubbish removal you can be absolutely confident this is legal waste removal. They never outsource any of their waste disposal.

Main Points to Remember for Packing

There are so many tasks to sort out for moving home, clearing your possessions and contents is a mammoth set of tasks, and it’s best to take this a room at a time. If you have one room to pack, pack up a section at a time. Give yourself ample time to do the packing ahead of the removal date. Leave only the absolute necessities until just before moving day. You will need packing boxes for what you are keeping, labelling each box with the room name or where the contents go to and list what is in the box clearly on the outside. It is best to have some order for your waste you are throwing away and Clearabee rubbish removal have bags on a roll (20) which will keep your waste under control as you pack. You don’t want to accidentally send your contents out to the waste disposal and mix this up with your packing, and with the Clearabee bags, sacks and skip bags clearly marked with their logo, the ‘Beebag’, this won’t happen.

Having Your Own Schedule

You want to have your home deliveries on time, and so you also want to have your waste collections on time, when you want them and where you want them. Clearabee waste removal will provide services when you want them using your own schedule and making your packing and removals, or just clearing out your storage, a much easier task. Tradespeople and businesses will also find this much more convenient to move waste products within their own schedules. The staff wear uniforms and are vetted, so you know these are the correct people to take your waste. Skip bags are collected the same day and can be delivered and collected where you want, and the bags can be collected up to 10 m from the kerbside. Altogether, a better solution to your waste problems.


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