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Do I have to unlock my iPhone 7 multiple times?

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Do I have to unlock my iPhone 7 multiple times?

ispoz October 2, 2018

If you are lucky to have purchased your iPhone in the past few years, it’s likely to come unlocked and free to use with any SIM card. However, if your iPhone is an older model, it might be locked to a particular provider. Nonetheless, you should be able to get your network provider unlocking apple iphone 7 phone belonging to you, often for free. You might even be able to break the lock of your iPhone yourself without needing to contact the original provider. So it is necessary to unlock your iPhone more than once? If you use the right company to unlock your phone, then you are bound to not face any problems. Let’s find out more on the unlocking of the phone.

Is iPhone unlocking legal?

It’s entirely legal to unlock your iPhone if you’ve completed the payment for your contract, or you purchased it outright in a lump sum. However, if a part of the price of your contract is still pending, it means you don’t fully own the device yet, so you’ll have to check with your carrier before opening its lock.

A common issue that occurs if you’ve purchased a second-hand iPhone or have inherited one from a friend or family member who has upgraded to a newer model, is that you don’t know whether it’s locked or not. If it is locked, then you’ll discover that the iPhone isn’t compatible with your mobile network, and that’s because it’s bound to a different network.

If you discover that it definitely is locked, read on to find out how to unlock it.

How to unlock your iPhone

– Contact your provider and file a request to unlock iphone 7 at&t using your details and some of the tools available online.

– If you don’t have the original SIM, you’ll have to reset the phone before it can be unlocked.

– Switch off the handset and then replace the old SIM card with a new one from a different network.

– Check that your iPhone is capable of connecting a phone call over the new network.

Using a third-party unlocking service

The second option that you have is, to reach out to your carrier and ask them to unlock your iPhone 7 using a mobile phone unlocking service. There are many mobile shops in most areas that will arrange an unlock code for a small price in return, usually around £25.

Although they aren’t that reputable and trustworthy, you can also find online services that will open your iPhone, but most people would advise you against them. If in case, you do decide to use one, please get sure that you read all of the small print before you buy, because they might throw a few extra bills at you, at the end of the process.

There are numerous unlocking platforms and sites that promise to refund the charges to you if the unlock is unsuccessful, so that could be an option if you’ve tried all of the methods enumerated above. The best options are those that can successfully unlock your phone with no problems and no hidden costs, so we feel confident in recommending them.


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