Belly Button Pop Out is Normal

It is a very frequent question among the future mothers or the would be mothers that whether their belly button is going to pop out or will they stick out at any point of time during their pregnancy. And if that happens, how and when it will happen.

Should a woman be worried about their pregnancy belly button pop up? Or should they be worried if the belly does not pop up at all? Well, the answer is here.

The first thing that one needs to think that why this belly button pop out at all? Well, this happens because the uterus of a pregnant woman pushes the abdomen forward. This is a kind of abdominal pressure that pushes the belly button forward and in some cases it can also make it protrude.

Now, the second question that comes to mind that when does the belly button pop out? This happens when the rapidly expanding uterus starts pushing forward and this mostly happens on an average at the 26th week of pregnancy. But if the pregnant woman is on the skinnier side then this might start showing at the second trimester only. This is the time when any pregnant woman start seeing the protruding navel which is also termed as the popping out of the belly button.

When the belly button pops out then one should definitely not worry about it. This is because; this is inevitable at a point in pregnancy and it is harmless as well. But if one has an inverted belly button or an outie belly button then things can be of concern. A protruding belly button always goes back to its right position just after a few months of the baby’s delivery. But for a few more months it might look to be a bit stretched out. But that will also disappear in another year and the belly goes back to its normal form.

But what to do if the belly button does not pop out at all? There have been many cases where women never experienced this and this is also a very normal thing to happen. Belly button also has nothing to do with the baby’s gender and one should be very sure about it.

In some cases women might have a defect or a very small hole in the abdominal wall even before they turn out to be pregnant. Now, when they become pregnant there can be some extra weight which can put some pressure on the weak or the defective area of the abdominal wall. This can make the hernia more noticeable. When the hole gets large enough that the tissue can also pass through then the hernia can become even more painful and then the pregnant woman might find a bulging around the umbilical area. It is a good idea to repair that problem before becoming pregnant at all.

When does the belly button pop out during pregnancy completely differ from one woman to another. To some it might happen a few weeks early than normal and vice versa.

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