Why Masonry Art On Walls is in Demand?

Planning to wrap your exterior wall with stucco finish? Well, then you must have to have a clear knowledge of how things work in stucco wall finish. Before anything, you need to know what a stucco wall is.

Stucco is a type of masonry art which is done by hand troweled plaster that consists of cement, water, sand and sometimes acrylic too. It is probably much popular in the Mediterranean region and in the Spanish culture. But modern-day architecture is now embracing the art of stucco for a number of reasons besides the beauty it provides to your house exterior.

Varieties Of Stucco Art

At first, you need to talk to the builder or architecture about your house exterior wall and decide on what kind of stucco design will suit your property. There are various types of wall textures that you can apply. Starting from pebbled look to a smooth appearance, stucco can entirely, change the house exterior. It depends on the application techniques of the mason that will bring the desired effect. So, you can truly say that stucco is all about masonry art.

Common Finishes

There are three different types of finishes mainly and each type has its own charm and benefits.

  • The cement-based finish is the most common type of stucco finish that uses a special kind of white cement instead of the regular dark one. This is used as a base coat of the stucco wall system and then you can put the wall color as you want.
  • The acrylic finish uses acrylic material and is used to achieve high-quality wall finishes. The material is hard and thick and the wall colors you will choose have to be proper with the finish.
  • The synthetic finish also looks like the acrylic one. Most synthetic wall stucco has acrylic as the main component. Such walls are made to protect it from water and damp. So they are not your standard acrylic finish.

Benefits Of Stucco Wall

People living in both wet and dry regions actually prefer stucco walls more. But why this demand? Stucco walls are the professional work of masons and need much experience to get the ideal finish. Depending upon the type of design you need for your wall, the budget matters. So here are the reasons to do stucco wall.

  • Durability is the first thing that comes with a stucco finish. Your house will be completely free from termites or any other pest infestation if you have stucco wall. Moreover, stucco can keep your house damage free for a long period.
  • All the materials are sustainably used to do stucco walls. Therefore, you can get materials from local stores.
  • Soundproof is necessary if your house is in the middle of the city. With stucco surface, you can sleep better and relax at your house for its noise-free benefit.
  • The Color of your wall stays forever when it is blended with stucco. The material used in stucco keeps the wall color intact for several years.

Finally, it can be said that stucco is a great way to give your house a makeover. But before you hire a team of masons, make sure they are professional and have good records of customer satisfaction.

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