What makes Indian Railways a Preferred Mode of transportation in India?

Lakhs of people travel by train every day in India. Whether local areas, long distant places or overnight journeys; trains can you take you any place.  Of course, there are many modes of transportation but even than railways are popular in India.

Do you agree railways are cheap for travellers?

Certainly if you go through the rates of the tickets of Indian railways, you would find that the tickets are absolutely cheap.   You can get a ticket as per your capacity. You can book a ticket that is for general department. If you want luxury then you can book a ticket for air condition coaches. In this way you can get a seat that is comfortable and as per your budget. Even if you are traveling with all five members of your family even then you would end up spending minimum only.

Can you get food on train during long route journeys?

You can easily get the Delivery of Food in Trains if you so desire. It is not the conventional time when trains used to be really conventional and people used to pack food with them. They used to eat cold and stiff food. However, in the present time there are options to take food from hawkers, sellers, train pantry and even order online. Of course, you can place an order for food you want and it can be delivered to you in your train compartment on the next station.

Facilities are surging in railways

It is true that facilities in Indian railways have increased tremendously. Whether you talk about PNR number, charging points in the compartments or any other types of train comforts, you can easily avail them. Now through pnr number you can easily get information about your ticket, track your train and even find out other type of information about the railways. Moreover, three digit numbers 139 is a number that gives you the ease to get information about the seat, booking and trains. Having it all in mind it would not be wrong to say that Indian railways are rising at a rapid pace.

Enjoyment and fun

Of course, the amount of fun and enjoyment you get during a train journey is matchless.  Your train takes you through different locations, sites, spots, bridges, tunnels, forests and so on. You get to experience the variety in the world during your train journey. Moreover, you can easily sit on your seat; watch anything on your phone or computer. You can listen to music through earphones and can do reading too. Of course, you can read books and magazines while you travel by train. The point is you get time on; your part to relax and unwind when you travel by train. If you want you can simply start a conversation with others too.


Thus, Indian railways are certainly a good mode of transportation for anyone and everyone. You get everything that you want and in the presence of digitization you need not to even go to railway station for booking tickets or inquiring about this or that.

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