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Popular laptop with best price in India

Everybody is looking for best configuration laptop with best price laptop. Lets, we will help in finding a good laptop with good configuration and best price. Check our market research on laptops and choose your best laptop within your price range. HP 15-G002AX The HP 15-G002AX laptop is under the HP brand with a quad-core…


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Making gaming more fun with Gamezhero

Gamezhero has brought a new space of entertainment for kids with its wide range of online games. Games are not just for recreation, rather they also educate the kids in an amusing manner. Today, the world of gaming is fast evolving with better technology and platforms. WIth the advent of online gaming, even consoles have…

Xolo Chromebook Vs Nexian Air Chromebook

Xolo Chromebook Vs Nexian Air Chromebook

Google is trying to infiltrate Indian market with its Chrome notebooks that run on Google own Chrome OS. It is an attempt to woo consumers who are basically netizens as these very affordable Chrome notebooks with light specifications having all data and apps residing in the cloud. These Chromebooks are known to have a very…


A Guide to SAP FI Certification

If you are in an Information Technology field and playing with software and computer is your genre then SAP is definitely your cup of tea, gaining knowledge on SAP would certainly help you out in advancement of your career. In recent time SAP is thriving rapidly in the IT sector and professionals are looking forward…

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How SAP works?

SAP is Enterprise Resource Planning and world’s driving supplier of business programming arrangements. SAP, began in 1972 by five ex-IBM workers in Germany, states that it is the world’s biggest between big business programming organization and the world’s fourth-biggest autonomous programming supplier, in general. SAP (System Application and Product) is the name of the organization…

Best Printers in Business

Best Printers in Business

Choosing the best printer for your business requires a bit of research up front, but making the right decision will save your company both time and money in the long run. And unfortunately there is no universal “best printer” for all businesses. Choosing the best printer to fit the needs of your office requires evaluation…