Birthday Gift Idea for Her

People at any age waits for their birthdays like a kid. The very day promises to be special. Either you are 5yr old or 50yr old receiving a gift still makes everyone happy. When you ought to gift something special to the ladies of your life, be it your wife, mother, daughter or even mother-in-law, you just can’t go wrong with gifting her fine jewelry. But, with a wide range of n-number of trinkets available in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the best one for her. Thus, if you don’t possess the idea of what precisely to buy, here’s a roll of fine jewelry gifts idea to surprise your lady on her birthday.


Well, pointless to say, 18th birthday is the most extraordinary one in a woman’s life. She star feeling like, she is turning to a women instead of being a girl. This stage is the best time to start gifting her with jewelry. As it’s an 18th birthday, you are advised to luxurious gifts something funny or cute but at the same time feminine also. Girls, at this age like something funky-chunky to show off amongst their friends. We suggest you personalized jewelry at this age, something with your loved one initials or name. Surely, a heart theme can’t go wrong. As per me, an alluring bracelet trait butterflies, ladybugs, her zodiac sign, or a heart and key pendant on a 16-20 inch gold sequence would be the perfect for her.

Birthday Gift Idea  for Her



Gifts at the age of 21 ought to be more delicate and fragile. It should be extra pretty without being flamboyant. The best recommendation is go for diamond or birthstone gemstone ear stud. Nothing could be more classy and trendy then this. Any gemstones embedded in antique gold or silver work well, and look striking and gorgeous. You can also ponder over fragile gold or platinum chain along with a small and simple pendant. It could be a flower, solitaire, star or heart.

Birthday Gift Idea  for Her


On her 30th birthday, you wish to bestow her with something very special. Gift her fine jewelry that is realistic along with feminine. To help you, I have decided upon those jewelry which she can wear while working at home or office too. She can’t handle heavy jewelry. So finding and picking an infinity three loop pendants along with a white gold or silver chain is something unique. Gifting a bracelet is also a wise choice. It is assumed that an amethyst and a garnet is also a magnificent jewelry thought for a 30th birthday gift.

Birthday Gift Idea  for Her



At this age, the love for jewelry is at its peak. Women love to buy more and more different jewelry items. So, for gifting one on her birthday, we suggest you to buy gem center stone embedded with diamonds or other colorful gemstones. If you know her favorite stone, go with it. Or else, if you don’t know then pick topaz, sapphire, amethyst or emerald. Acquire the ring carved with a beautiful love message for your special one.

Birthday Gift Idea  for Her


The 50th birthday should be special and memorable for everyone. The Golden jubilee it is. Our most preferred pick for this occasion is a beautiful diamond or other gem necklace. If you pocket doesn’t allow for that much, then you can also make her feel special with pearl necklace. A classic white or trendy tri-color cultured could be best one for her. Other than this, a pink pearl earring fixed in rose gold earrings also work well and gives splendid look.

Birthday Gift Idea  for Her

These are few tips from which you can pick best gift for her. Else everything depends on your preference, choice and budget. But remember, whatever or whichever jewelry you choose for your loved and special one, make sure it is elegant, feminine, tasteful and versatile enough for daily wearing. Because, you’re loved one will definitely want to show off her trinkets, which is given by her favorite men.

About the author: this blog is written by Akanksha Singh, a young content writer, she is writing for jewelry and fashion. It’s her love and passion toward fashion, entertainment and style which pull her here. For you, she suggests an online jewelry store which has a splendid collection of fine jewelry and other designer jewelry along with array of beautiful accessories.


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