Knowing how to have a car or golf car to be shipped to a new destination

The internet has made it possible for the car shipping industry to grow tremendously and help people to have their vehicles to be shipped from one location to the other without any hassle. However, there are many first time movers, who are not aware as to how they can have their vehicles to be moved.

Steps involved to ship the vehicle

The very first step that is involved in golf cart shipping is to get hold of a reputed auto transport company. By conducting thorough searches on the internet, the person can come across multiple companies. At the same time, he needs to go through the different company reviews as put up by the customers, who have already availed the service and are either satisfied or dissatisfied with it. The next task is to obtain several shipping quotes from different companies. This way, the person can en sure finding the best price possible, which can help him to save a good amount of money in the moving process.

There are many sites that do offer its visitors with shipping calculators that can be used for free and there is also no obligation for making the purchase. Calling up the company and specifying the exact requirements can help to get the correct quote and possible discounts. Also, the person may have his doubts clarified with regards to shipping specific vehicles like the golf cart or the RV. The qualified and knowledgeable customer service personnel is sure to help the person to find the right choice of transportation.

Things to undertake before shipping the vehicle

There are few things that the person needs to undertake before actually having the shipping company to pick the vehicle up for moving. The car or the golf car is to be cleaned properly and thoroughly. All personal items kept inside the vehicle is to be removed along with the battery. The DOT (Federal & State Transportation Dept.) prohibits strictly transportation of household goods in vehicles which are to be transported by the auto carriers. There can be a possible fine charged on the transporter of an amount up to about $10,000, in case, household items are being noticed to be carried against the rule set without appropriate and legal authority. Apart from this, such items would not be provided with insurance coverage. This means, if any damage occurs at the time of shifting, then the shipping company would not bear the responsibilities for the same.

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