The New Age of Braiding – Human Hair Extensions

One of the most important parts of dressing up is the hairstyle. The hairstyle can make or break a look. No matter how much we dress up or what our makeup is, the hairstyle is an important attribute to the look. Be it braids, or the ponytail, or just keeping the hair open – there are uncountable styles to it. And there are many times that we fail to achieve the hairstyle we want, owing to various problems like the hair loss or hair fall. Or maybe when some do not have the desired volume in their hair or the texture. And that is where hair extensions come in. In this article, we shall discuss the types of different braids with human hair that can be done to add to experiment.


1) Box braids – Box braids are essentially a 90s style of hair. Box braids are very easy to tie up and consist of three strands. They are generally a set of multiple braids that are tied up individually as simple braids to give the hair a beautiful new look. The number of braids depend on the preference of the person. They can either be in a set of few either on one or two sides or can be tied up into a set of thick braids to give a totally retro look.
2) Faux Locks – The term ‘faux’ means false or deceptive. This one is for the ones who love dreadlocks. Faux locks or Silk locks help give the hair a totally authentic dreadlock look. There are many who love the idea of dreadlocks or simply want to experiment wildly but do not want to be committed to it. Faux locks are the best answer to these people and needless to say, it has many takers.
3) Havana Twists – Havana Twists are hair extensions give the hair an afro texture. This separates it from other artificial hair extensions as they use a smoother and more straightened texture. Another very similar type of extension would be the Marley Twists. The Marley Twists and Havana Twists are almost the same except for a slight difference in their texture. The Havana Twists are a lot thicker than the Marley Twists.
4) Cornrows – One of the most popular type of braids, Cornrows are also one of the most stylish braids to be ever done. These kinds of braids are plaited across the scalp and in any pattern as per preference. From the number of braids to their thickness to their alternative patters, cornrows are known to be very popular due to their edgy feel and look.
5) Tree Braids– Tree braids are one of the most popular style of braids that can be done with human hair extensions. Being of a variety of types, tree braids offer not only style but also variety. They are also a very protective hairstyle for one’s hair. Tree braids can be worn in either ponytails or worn loose. If tied up properly, tree braids can last for days or for months.
So, go ahead and experiment with the different types of looks because the use of human hair extensions braiding gets a new edge and gives you the cool look that you have always wanted.

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