How to Keep a Boiler Working for Longer Time Span

A boiler is a very important piece of equipment in industries such as chemical synthesis plants, alcoholic breweries, textile mills, sugar factories etc. People who work in such industries know how important the boiler is for these industries. It is a huge machine that is used for boiling water to such a point that it gives a high amount of saturated steam along with a high amount of pressure. As with boilers a high amount of steam and pressure is associated, it makes it very risky to work with such equipment. The people working on them need to take good care of the boilers so that they could rest assured of the safety of the boilers as well as people working them.

When a company decides to install a huge boiler in its premises, then it is a very big investment made which cannot be lost at any cost. Boilers are huge and very expensive and hence it is the responsibility of the management that they keep a check on the maintenance and safety of the machine so that it keeps running safely and efficiently for years to come. If the care of the boiler is ignored, then it may lead to horrible consequences leading to loss of lives as well as property. There are two major things that are important for boiler safety, one is safer operation and the other is regular maintenance.

Safer Operation

When it comes to operation of the boiler, it is essentially important that the person operating it has ample amount of experience of working on the machine along with proper educational qualifications. It is essential that the operator is able to read all the indicators and gauges correctly to operate the equipment under safe limits which is only possible when the gauges are read correctly. Along with the educational qualification and experience, there is also a requirement of valid license to operate a boiler. Doing otherwise is a legal offence.

Regular Maintenance

Along with safer operation, it is also essential that the boiler is maintained properly and regularly. There are many parts of the boiler that wear out with time. These parts must be replaced with new ones at the right time. Along with that there is also a requirement of checking the boiler tubes on a regular basis. The boiler tubes may get blocked by dirt or scale sometime. They need to be cleaned with the help of proper tools such as boiler tube cleaners and cleaning solutions. In addition to that, when you have to replace the tubes, you might need tools like tube cutters, Tube knockout tools and so forth that can help you in easy replacement of the boiler tubes easily. When the new tubes are installed they require tools such as tube drift and tube expanders for easy and correct installation of the tubes. With regular maintenance and safe operation, it becomes very easy to ensure that the boiler will keep working for a longer time without causing any problem.

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