What You Need To Know About Hair Follicle Testing

It is important to do perform hair analysis test of the truck drivers to ensure that our highways are safe for all other drivers. We all know well that moving freight in tractor trailers can be very dangerous in wrong hands and hence, carriers want to ensure that the truck drivers they had hired are drug free drivers and can drive the heavy and large vehicles safely. The companies hiring carriers companies must use hair follicle drug test along with other tests like urine tests also to satisfy the federal DOT drug testing requirement. There are several hair follicle test analysis centre in Australia where you can get your tests done.

Hair Follicle Testing

What is hair follicle testing?

Hair follicle testing is somewhat similar to providing urine sample. Your future company will make an appointment at a hair follicle testing lab. The lap assistant will cut of some hair from a small area on your head probably from the neck. Generally, the hair nearest to the root is taken for the testing.

The hair follicle test typically looks for two things:

1. Presence of drug

2. Metabolite that carry record of drug

Well, when any person consumes drug it gets into the blood stream and the blood processes the drug and produces metabolite. It is a kind of genetic record of the drug consumed. The hair follicle consumes the nutrients from the blood to get nourishment and the metabolites of drug gets into the hair strands. As hair grow the record of usage of drug passes into the hair strand. Hair follicle test may seem like that the roots of the hair will be tested but it is exactly the strand that gets tested.

Hair Follicle Testing

The hair follicle test can detect substances consumes recently as 10 days to 90 days. It only requires typically of 1 ½ inches of hair. If a person who doesn’t have hairs on head can give the sample from his chest hairs, leg hairs etc. the only criteria that should be fulfilled are to take hair stands of up to 1.5 inches. Temporary hair products like cream etc do not alter the result and they are only additive layer on the hair.

Now hair follicle tests are available online and you do not require going to the labs to submit the hair sample. Rather you just have to generate your requirement online and the lab assistant will come at your place to collect the sample. You will also get the reports at your home after the testes.

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