Testosterone Supplements – Effects and Therapy

Testosterone is also called anabolic steroid in males.  It is responsible for proper growth of physical structures in males/boys. Deficiency of testosterone causes fatigue, depression, changes in mood, decreased sex drive, and decrease in erectile function of penis, low sperm count and increase in abdominal fat.

Measurable levels of testosterone help a woman to have a good libido, higher energy and better mood, build strong bones and a stable metabolism. When levels drop, women can get depressed, experience mood changes, inability to concentrate and disinterest in sex.  These are designed to supplement low hormone levels, especially if the adrenal gland or ovaries are not producing enough. Several testosterone creams available on the market are pharmaceutical grade and developed with women in mind. The recommendation is to use these products only strict doctor supervision, followed by periodic blood tests to ensure that optimal levels are being maintained.

There are different reasons behind the use of these supplements by women. Some of them may be to enhance fertility, weight loss, bodybuilding, and muscle gain. Irrespective of the reasons the effects of testosterone is guaranteed for women also. In any case, the consulting specialist will suggest for a testosterone therapy. Also, there are several health benefits of supplements like testosterone on human body.

Efficacy of Testosterone Therapy

Studies have yet to show that this therapy is effective and not enough evidence to support prescription. Women without ovaries or low functioning ovaries have benefited from estrogen therapy. In many cases, a lack of libido depends entirely on a person’s mental and physical makeup and other factors.

Testosterone therapy is not recommended for those women who:

  • Could get pregnant. It can impact fetal development
  • Those with a history of uterine or breast cancer
  • Have liver and heart problems, or high cholesterol
  • Not yet menopausal

By knowing all these it is very important to understand the contents and possible side effects before going for these steroid injections. The effectiveness of the injections can depend on age of the product, ingredients which it contains, and manufacturing standards. The main thing that should be considered is user’s health and safety.

  • Moodiness and Depression: If a woman is dealing with bouts of depression and mood swings, this could be part of the low testosterone problem. Many don’t realize the importance of testosterone for women as it interferes with the body’s regulatory abilities. Talking to a doctor can help get the right help – not just getting a prescription for anti-depressants.
  • Anxiety attacks: Many women have anxiety attacks as well and may attribute it to other causes. If this problem is fairly recent, it pays to talk to a doctor. The right diagnosis can help in getting the right dosage and mix of medications, alleviating the problem.
  • Lack of concentration: If a woman is having problems concentrating or getting forgetful, this could also be due to low testosterone levels. Very often, it mimics aging – one way to rule it out is to talk to a physician.
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