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Weigh up all pros and cons of discount brokers

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Weigh up all pros and cons of discount brokers

ispoz April 5, 2018

One of the basic requirements with respect to the trading of bonds, stock, and many other commodities can be said to open an account with some good brokerage house. You are sure to bank some money by way of reduction on fees and charges pertaining to management that are taken because of your stock brokerage account that you have opened with anyone discount broker that are available online. These kinds of discount brokers form a brilliant choice particularly in case you happen to be an experienced investor and are not in need of taking any benefit of extra options of research tools that are provided by full- service brokers. In this era, there are many traders who focus on trading at a high-volume and hence it is important for them to have the trades at low rates only. Discount brokers are utilized to carry out your basic trades on the routine of a daily basis and banking a huge sum of money.  They offer a handsome discount on every trade which proves helpful to the trader in fetching more profit with every trade.


It is to be taken into account that all investors and traders cannot be well served with the facilities that are offered by discount brokers. By going the technical aspect of discount brokers, these brokers make an excellent option for veteran traders who are able to carry out their own market analysis and research. In case you happen to be a newbie in stock trading and are not aware of all the complex and intricate strategies of investing in stock market, you ought to prefer to work with some reputed full-service broker. Investors and traders who have been in the financial market for several years discount broker in India make a good alternative.


The discount brokers have the main disadvantage that can be said to be very serious is that when an investor needs their help, they do not offer it. These discount brokers do not tend to proffer any kind of face to face interaction with their client, any kind of analysis, and no reports regarding research. In reality, almost all of them provide packages with a flat fee per month. They have meager or no maintenance cost realized for the brokerage account.

Things to bear in mind

Some of the very important things that you must bear in mind as you go for picking a discount broker. You are required to ponder over all advantages plus disadvantages. These discount brokers possess an amount of experience that is different to other experts having certificates. Given to this deficiency of expertise and proper training, it happens sometimes that an investor gets a broker at a cheap cost and fees. Some of the brokerage firms engage the discount brokers to perform in the capacity of middleman in favor of an individual who wants to do the trade. The discount brokers just carry out instructions that are passed on to them how a particular trade to be performed.


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