Famous chicken recipes of India

Among the numerous reasons that make Indian delicacies a prominent cuisine over the globe, one is the utilization of aromatic flavours that make the meal a flat-out treat. Truly, it could likewise be hot and zesty for a few, however in the event that you can move beyond that, then you will think that it is difficult to oppose the different sorts of curries and mix fries that beautify the Indian table. Indian cooking offers a lovely combination of herbs and flavours. If your most loved non-vegetarian dish is chicken, then there are numerous lip-smacking alternatives for you to go full scale and enjoy.

Chicken gravy recipe is a blessing from heaven for all non-veggie lovers and comes in red hot desi flavours. Aside from being an extremely adaptable meat with regards to cooking, chicken additionally guarantees incredible health advantages. Do you realize that the human body can infer around 30 diverse wholesome substances from only 100 grams of chicken? Aside from that there are other lesser-known advantages of Chicken like:

  1. Chicken is an awesome source of lean, low fat protein.
  2. It is likewise packed with selenium, which is a compound known for its anti-cancer properties.
  3. The skin of the chicken is known to contain the most fat; consequently cleaned chicken is favoured by many.
  4. Chicken soup is a great relaxant if you are suffering from cold and cough, sore throat or congested nose.
  5. As a matter of fact, chicken helps in weight loss as well.

Mentioned below are some of the chicken recipes that people in India just go drooling after:

  1. Murg Malaiwala

A creamy version and is loaded with milk, cream, mild spices and rose petals, Murg Malaiwala is simply a treat to the taste buds and to the eyes also. It takes almost two to three hours for its preparation and the end-result is simply amazing.

  1. Kadhai Chicken

This dish is also a great combination of spices, bell peppers, chillies, and has a specific sweet, sour and spicy taste. Some people even put in jaggery, lemon and honey to enhance the taste of this amazing dish. This is a family favourite and is best served with tandoori roti.

  1. Chicken Lollipop

This is a great party starter. The chicken lollipops have become a desi version now as they are marinated in spices and fried till they become crispy. It surely does give a finger-licking good experience.

  1. Butter chicken

Straight from the kitchen of Punjabi household, butter chicken has been a great hit since so many years. It is marinated overnight, and then the chicken is broiled and prepared in cream, tomato puree, and spices. You would love the richness and the classic creaminess of this dish.

  1. Chicken Gravy

For those who love the spicy and fiery treat, must check out the chicken gravy recipe. Chicken pieces tossed in spicy fiery gravy of onions and spices makes it a delectable dish and something that your taste buds will remember forever.


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