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Internet usage has increased a lot these days because web access has changed from PCs and laptops to smart phones. At the moment, they are all known for Android, as they are dominating the world of mobile Internet. It has many applications that make people’s lives very comfortable and also puts information in your hands in seconds. If you’re interested in receiving the latest news around the world, there are many Android news apps that will bring smartphone news with ease. These are some of the best news apps for Android.

The best news apps for Android are;

  • Feedly
  • Shortcuts
  • Shortpedia
  • Google News and Weather
  • MSN News
  1. Feedly

Feedly is the primary RSS feed application that provides excellent control over the today latest news in hindi received through the phone. It helps you choose your news sources and also creates your own custom feed. So, whenever you open this application, you can get news from selected news sources. It’s available for free in the Google Play Store to download and update with exciting news.

  1. Inshorts

Inshorts is one of India’s best news apps available on the Google Play Store. It has become the best because it provides the perfect and complete novelty in just 60 words collected from reliable sources and newspapers. It also offers all kinds of news in India and also helps you connect with your friends through Facebook and share news with them.

  1. Shortpedia

The Shortpedia news application has been designed in such a way that any reader can read the latest titles from around the world. All news categories are organized in the form of tabs in the application and help you scroll through all the categories and go directly to your desired category and receive the latest news. All the news provided by the application is collected by reputed newspapers and online news sources.

  1. Google News and Weather

Google News and Weather is the best news apps for iOS that shows you all the titles and also the weather report from time to time. All news and news are from the 65,000 aggregate posts included in Google. It is the best application for those who just want the titles and the weather report.

  1. MSN News

The MSN News application is the Microsoft News application that looks good on all of your devices and also keeps your sync settings on all your devices. It includes a large source library for extracting content and also helps you to follow news topics such as sports, movies, politics, or anything else.

  1. News18 for Android

News18 was previously known as IBNLive. Has a new interface. Get access to all the latest and complete India news reports on your Android phone. Just install this application and access 3 live channels, including CNN-News 18 (English). Watch live or save for the future.

  1. News24 Application

Turn your Android phone into a full news device with the News24 app. Available in both Hindi and English. It provides credible, true, and fast news. It strives to form the audience with the news that counts most.

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