Our Guide To Reducing Your Monthly Energy Bills During The Winter Months

Our Guide To Reducing Your Monthly Energy Bills During The Winter Months

No doubt that utility bills are something you can not put off. During the winters these bills go up and sometimes it leads to a big budget. And you anxious, that the winter season, bill will be higher. Not to worry! We have compiled here a complete list of things that would assist you to diminish your monthly bill without burning a hole in your pocket. Keep on reading these given points will help you in reducing your monthly energy bills.

  • Heating and cooling
  • Water
  • Power and lighting

Heating And Cooling

  • Check The Seal On Windows, Door, Appliances: you need to make sure that your fridge is closed properly. Same applies to your doors as well as windows of your home, if it is broken or open, you can call emergency glass repair to fix it.
  • Fix Leaky Ductwork: fix leaky heating, ventilation and AC ducts so that you can experience better heating as well as cooling system proficiency.
  • Check Your Fridge as well as Freezer Temperature: it is important to fix your fridge temperature to 37 degrees and freezer to 6 degrees. This is going to maintain the freshness of the food and your freezer can easily help in reducing your monthly energy bills.


  • Take Short Showers: When you turn off your water tap just two minutes earlier than the normal time can help you save water by 10 gallons.
  • Stop Washing Outfits In Hot Water: you can bring down the load monthly energy bills to its half when choosing for laundry.
  • Fix Leaky Faucets: it is important to fix dripping of water from the tap and it turns annoying and results in the loss of water.
  • Fix Temperature Of Water Heater: Generally, the temperature is fixed in 140 degrees and once you lower it to 120 degrees can help you in bringing down the heating cost 10%. If you do so, it will help you in conserving energy consumption.

Electricity And Lighting

When you maintain devices and power, it brings down 12% of savings on energy consumption.

  • Use LED Instead Of Light Bulb: you can save up to $65 every year when you use your LED bulbs instead of light bulbs.
  • Use Dimmer Switches: dimmers would help you in setting the brilliance in the home that would fulfil your requirements and save monthly energy bills.
  • Smart Power Strips: put an off on the electronic gadgets or you can put them on the standby mode when not in use. These devices generally don’t come with a remote control but you can plug your devices into a smart power strip that puts off on the current whenever your devices are not in use.

Once you follow these practices you are able to monitor and reduce your monthly energy bills during the winter months. It’d be a pleasant surprise!

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