Graffiti and Street Art: Art on the Borderline of Crime and Creativity

Graffiti and Street Art: Art on the Borderline of Crime and Creativity

Street art started in the 1980s. Street art is highly popular these days and is loved by everyone a lot. One of the essential things to notice is that street art and graffiti aren’t the same things. Graffiti art is elaborate and figurative art combined with bright colored images. Many people get confused between the two.

Street art is generally a free art of design that can revolve around any topic. These two forms of art, namely graffiti, and street are used to decorate walls and buildings. One of the significant differences between street art and graffiti is that graffiti is illegal, whereas street art has approval from all the designated authorities.

Essential features of graffiti art: 

  • Graffiti art form is illegal and is a part of the street art itself.
  • Graffiti artists in Melbourne are very famous for creating spectacular art pieces.
  • Graffiti art is used for advertising and expertise in any business, brand, or any other thing in that particular market.
  • Graffiti is a temporary form of art that changes over time, and different graffiti artists in Melbourne keep changing the images and layouts of the existing designs.
  • People usually risk their lives by working with graffiti art. As graffiti art is entirely against the law, any person implementing that can go through some intense and harmful consequences.

Essential features of street art: 

  • Street art is entirely legal, and street artist, Melbourne verifies contracts and their work with legal designated authorities.
  • Street art is majorly focused on images and text that improves the urban area and guides the people around the room with complimentary messages.
  • Professional artists always paint street art, and people usually use this to convey complementary and subtle messages to visitors.
  • Street art is taking the hype more than graffiti as it is a significant legal way to work on various fields and passions.
  • The standard pieces of equipment used by the street artists are projector, ladders, lifts, colors to create their art with the best effects and quality.

The difference between the artistic Value for Street Art and Graffiti Art

Graffiti and street art have established themselves in the area of urban art. The street has more appeal to visitors and viewers than graffiti art as the primary purpose of graffiti art is to promote or market something popular. At the same time, street art is made to encourage complimentary messages for society’s welfare.


With the evolution of graffiti and street art, people have been adopting very different creative methods to bring the best results of their hard efforts. They appreciated that the street artist Melbourne is very famous for creating fantastic street art and extraordinary creative skills. These different forms of art have other methods and are made with entirely different requirements. The only drawback is the graffiti is illegal, though it is also a great form of art.

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