Ways Voice Assistants Can Boost Your Business Productivity

Ways Voice Assistants Can Boost Your Business Productivity

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is slowly integrating into every industry and in our daily lives. There’s no doubt that it makes our life easier and saves us plenty of time. From AI-powered vacuum cleaners to voice assistants, we’re adapting to these changes pretty quickly.

Voice assistants are transforming our world with their ability to conduct natural voice solely based on technology interactions in a human-like natural way, alongside delivering more productivity at a given time.

People have begun adopting voice assistants in their houses. It not only makes life simpler but enjoyable as well. Moreover, voice assistants are able to accommodate other smart devices and appliances too.

However, voice assistants haven’t been explored as much in the workplace. Apart from being hesitant, people don’t really understand how it could boost their businesses. Tech pros have shared that if businesses were to explore voice assistants, there will be a significant improvement in their workplace efficiency.

Here we’ll discuss how voice assistants could help your business be more productive. Let’s dig in!

IT Support and HR

Every company’s employee service desk is the core of their businesses. In order for your employees to be efficient, it’s vital for a business to hear and solve the concerns of their people in the shortest time possible.

Voice assistance is the one thing that’ll change how employee service desks go about. We can all agree that currently, it takes a good amount of time to get vacation policies checked, order new laptops, or check if your salary’s in.

Voice assistants are getting smarter day by day because of improvements being made to AIs. New functions and faster compatibility, will allow employees to get swift responses to their concerns and eventually get back to work, which increases employee efficiency.


Remote working has been the highlight of 2020. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic comes first, but this mode of working is due to the pandemic itself. Businesses that hadn’t explored remote working, had a harder time adapting to these new changes.

However, unlike in the past, AI has made it much more flexible and easier for people to work remotely. With Slack channels, Skype, and many other messengers, future teams have made the most out of communication.

Voice assistants have the superb ability to speed up conversations, especially when it comes to teams that have multilingual people in them as it makes communication more efficient and clear as compared to before.

Setting Reminders

Another way how voice assistants can improve workplace productivity is by setting up reminders. This function has no hierarchy and should be used by every person no matter what your designation is because it’s natural to forget things.

You can choose to set reminders in order to keep yourself on track for a given project deadline, or perhaps for an upcoming presentation that has to be made for an important meeting. Your voice assistant device can help you do all of these things.

With so many tasks on hand, it’s inevitable for us to get immersed in a particular task and not focus on the rest. These reminders will remind us that other tasks require the same level of attention.

Meeting Management

There’s no end to meetings even when you’re working from home. In fact, you’re bound to have more of them so that all tasks are up-to-date. This is where you can turn to a voice assistant to help make your day-to-day working schedule easier.

Voice assistants won’t only help schedule meetings, but also alert you if there’s any scheduling conflict and further provide solutions for this particular schedule. You can also utilize a voice assistant to assist you in connecting to a Zoom meeting or any other mode of meeting, by voice command.

Voice assistants will definitely make the management of your meetings simpler for you, as you won’t have to inform the co-attendants about the upcoming meeting and will be able to join in with a click of a button.

Service Requests

Smart technology is changing how our workplace operates. With the introduction of smart speakers, employees are able to utilize the voice command feature to make service-related requests.

These service requests will transform into service tickets that will be further addressed by the support staff. You no longer have to physically wait for your concern to be addressed as your service ticket will be put into action once the request is received.

Key Takeaways

Voice assistants are a great help in improving the efficiency of a business, and it’ll eventually boost the productivity of how it’s run. FirstEnergy has several voice assistants that you can look up and also understand their different features.

Moreover, we’ve all encountered situations whereby we feel hesitant to ask a question or perhaps too shy to approach someone regarding a query. This is exactly when a voice assistant comes in handy.

We hope this article helped you understand how voice assistants can benefit your overall business.

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