What value does HR certification hold for professionals?

At the present time, HR certifications and credentialing are finding favor among HR professionals across the world. The growing competition for various HR certification and HR professionals signifies that more and more employers are considering HR certifications as the “most sought-after skillset” instead of “preferred” in all their job postings related to HR profiles. With more and more HR professionals opting for certifications, it signifies that this sort of credentialing is presently considered as essential for all professionals standing at different rungs of their career ladders. Be it taking care of talent management, managing employee benefits and payroll or paying extra heed to risk management and labor relations—the skills needed for clearing HR certifications exams have found to be an edge factor in today’s HR activities.

A recent survey has revealed that in the U.S., HR employers consider certification a clear demonstration of an HR professional’s commitment to the profession. They also believe that certifications add credibility and validity to their HR departments and ensure that their HR professionals possess updated and present knowledge. On the other hand, for employees, HR certifications bring more advantages that one. Some advantages as revealed by all the survey participants include:

  • To be more valuable to the company
  • To gain an edge over other candidates during job interviews
  • To show commitment and a better understanding of the profession
  • To depict their dedication to their professional upliftment
  • To get enhanced efficiency and effectiveness while performing job
  • To gain more exposure to new ideas
  • To get professional confidence

Factors Adding Value to HR Certifications

Several factors—as pointed out by employees and employers—are believed to add value to HR certification. No doubt, the overall reputation of the credentialing body is the first and foremost factor. Besides, while pursuing certifications, HR professionals also check whether or not the certification body conducts any experience-based exam, whether or not the body provides any recertification benefits.And most importantly, they also check the feedback provided by the certification holders of that particular body.

The Future of Professional HR Certifications

Undoubtedly, the future of professional HR certifications looks bright, as their acceptance has gained momentum in today’s marketplace as far as the present market condition is concerned. Not only MNCs or top-notch organizations but mid-level companies, even startups, also are zeroing in on talent management professionals having relevant HR certifications under their belt.

How to find the HR certifications body of choice

It’s not a rocket science, believe it or not! Many organizations these days are providing certifications in the HR and talent management space. You can opt for one according to your level of experience. But a bit research before opting for one is always a good idea. It’ll give you more insights into the overall market situation and equip you better to find out an institute coming at par with your expectations.

So, what’re you waiting for? Give your HR career the must-needed attention it deserves with the right certification.


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