4 Myths About Pre-Workouts That Aren’t True

If you’re trying to get fit and to get more from every training session, you should know that busting through the myths around pre-workout will help you a lot! Instead of endlessly mulling over the myths surrounding pre-workouts, today, in this article we’d like to help you get real about fitness, by discussing four myths about pre-workouts which just aren’t true!

A lot of people buy into the myths and they may make things harder for themselves by doing so. This is why we believe in debunking the myths and empowering our fitness-conscious readers…

Without further ado, let’s list and debunk four myths about pre-workout that aren’t true.

1.) You Should Eat Before You Work Out

A lot of people believe this myth. They think that nourishing themselves before a workout gives their muscles the fuel they need in order to perform and develop quickly. However, as long as you eat healthy meals, three times a day, which include a good balance of proteins, carbs and good fats, you should be just fine for your workouts. You don’t need to schedule a meal before you exercise and the truth is that eating beforehand may make it harder to train harder. You’ll be digesting all that food you just ate and that puts an extra strain on the body. So, don’t feel obligated to eat before you work out.

2.) You Should Do Stretches Before You Train

It’s not really necessary to do warm-up stretches before you train. However, a lot of people believe that it’s beneficial. It’s often more advantageous to use foam rollers before exercising, as moving on foam rollers will warm up the muscles without the necessity for stretching! If you want to go into a workout without stretching first, you should be fine. Most workouts start out slower and build in intensity, so you’ll be warming up as you begin, anyway!

3.) Pre-workout Supplements Are Essential

Pre-workout supplements assist with focus, energy and motivation, however the truth is that you don’t really need them to workout at the gym, as long as you’re eating well enough. Although consuming a pre-workout supplement before you train isn’t necessary, it can help improve performance and the intensity of a workout. While most pre-workout supplement contain caffeine you will notice that they produce a different kind of effect from your standard coffee. For this reason you should know that you don’t have to consume a pre-workout supplement to perform at the gym, however it can certainly help with your performance and energy output, which can be useful in certain situations. For example, it can be useful after a long day at work or to prepare for an intense training session. If you are interested in pre-workout supplements then we recommend checking out more information at Supplement Express.

4.) Pre-workout Hydration is Important

It’s actually possible to take in too much water or sports drink before a workout and impair performance. Olympic athletes have failed to meet their potential in competitions because they overhydrated, so this myth is something which is well worth debunking. It’s smarter to drink just a bit before you train and then have water or sports drinks beside you while you work out.

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